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West Liberty University is proud of its graduates, and WLU-TV is extremely proud of the many students who have completed our program and gone on to do great things in the broadcasting and design fields. Below is a list of some of our graduates who are doing great things in their respective fields and are visions of how successful graduates of our program can become!


Photo of Amber Williams

Amber Williams

Amber Williams graduated from West Liberty in December of 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a Broadcasting concentration.  Amber had planned all along to end up at West Liberty because of the good things she had heard about the Communications program and wanted to finish her college career there.

After visiting campus to sign up for classes and being introduced to Theresa, Jared and Philip, she knew that that is where she belonged, behind the scenes, working for the student crew and station.  For two and a half years, Amber was the graphics operator for all of the football and basketball games, election nights and the shows that were taped weekly.  She also got the opportunity to work the other job positions that make a show complete like directing, running cameras, audio and master control.

It was during her last semester, that Amber had received an Internship at a local television station, WTOV9 in Steubenville, OH.  While interning at the station, Amber got the chance to help the weekend director with graphics for newscasts and Sports Sunday, and she was also able to work the Game of the Week for every Friday football game.  Thanks to this opportunity, she got hired at WTOV as a part-time production technician two weeks before graduating from college.

Amber has been at WTOV for three years and is currently the full time Sunrise Director.  She is thankful for all of the opportunities that she had received while working on the student crew and all of the friends she had made and the memories created.