Student Spotlight – Corey Knollinger

Student Spotlight – Corey Knollinger

Get to know Junior Broadcasting and Digital Media Design major, Corey Knollinger:

Knollinger at a Chance the Rapper concert

Tell a little bit about your background (Where you grew up, high school, etc).

I was born in Wheeling to the wonderful Patty Knollinger along with my twin sister Catey.  I’ve also lived in Centerville, Ohio, and Hilliard, Ohio, but have been in the Wheeling area for about ten years.  I went to John Marshall High School, graduated in 2015, and in the same year moved to Bridgeport, Ohio.  I’ve been at West Liberty for three years, and its going well.  Oh, I should also mention my older sister Jessica, she exists, and is also cool.
So you were part of WJMH Media. How did that influence where you are now?
WJMH was a huge influence on me.  The main reason I’m at West Liberty is WJMH Media.  I had no idea what I wanted to do until I started taking broadcasting classes, so it was extremely important to who I am and where I am.  I still use things that Tony Wood (former John Marshall Broadcasting teacher) taught me.  The influence of those classes is far reaching even three years later.
You’ve been a part of the WLU 48 Hour Film Fest for the past few years. What’s that been like?
That has also been a very fun experience since coming to West Liberty.  It really tests my creativity, and is an incredibly fun experience to be a part of.  I’ve went through it all three years I’ve been here as well, and it’s so cool to see my progression as a filmmaker, and as a writer.  I really like the experience, and thank Jared Thompson so much for bringing it to the hilltop.

Knollinger shooting a music video for Chris Kuskey

You also make a lot of short films and music videos on your own?
I do.  Check out everything on my really close friend, and incredibly talented musician Chris Kuskey’s YouTube channel because that is literally almost all my video.  I love working with Chris because we are very similar people in general, so we mesh really well creatively.  I also love his stuff, so it helps.  I also do a few things with YSS, specifically their Good Samaritan Dinner video, and their Sleepout video.  I’ve done a lot of other stuff in the past ranging from football reels to workout videos to live music videos.   If I’m asked to video it, there’s a very good chance I will.
What’s been your favorite film that you’ve made?

A Premiere screenshot from Knollinger’s project, “Next”

Next! was a really cool experience as it was an idea I had for about two years, and I finally got to see that idea come to fruition.  We shot it for two days up at West Liberty over the summer, and I spent about three months editing it, and my friend Chris Kuskey edited the sound, which was an equally rough process.  I’m entirely way too proud of what I did, and if you want to see it, come up to Marquee Cinemas to watch it on November 30th at 6 P.M. along with offerings from Undependent Media, and Straight to Hell Productions (or Don Mew if you cannot say Hell).  I’m glad I threw shameless self promotion in here.

And you work with the Wheeling Nailers?
Yes, I technical direct the games for the video board, and help with a lot of other pre-produced content along with their Video Production Specialist Kirk Kelleher.  I have fun with what I do there, and get to put my live production skills to the test every game.  So if you ever see a problem on the board, you know who to judge.
When you aren’t working on the crew, where could we find you? What do you enjoy doing for fun?
If I’m not working crew, Nailers, Kroger, or a freelance gig then I’m probably asleep.  Though when I do get days off, I like to hang out with my mom, or my friends, or my dogs. Or you can also catch me at your local wing night, as I’m an avid fan of cheap wings. I also like to listen to albums, as I am an avid music nerd and record collector, and I like to watch a lot of movies.
Even though we wish you could stay at West Liberty forever, you’ll have to graduate. What do you want to do after graduation? What would be your dream job?

Corey Knollinger at the 2017 Wheeling Sleepout

I have to graduate? That’s news to me.  I want to either work for a radio station or a record label doing promotional content for musicians.  Think NPR Music’s “Front Row” or “Tiny Desk Concerts”.  I just really like music and really like making videos, so that makes it easy.
Photos provided by Corey Knollinger.