HealthyU to Debut on WLUTV

HealthyU to Debut on WLUTV

A new show is coming to WLUTV 14! HealthyU will debut this week on Comcast Channel 14 in the Ohio Valley and online at wltvonline.com. The show focuses on healthy living practices.

Kathi Leonard Salatino, a Nutrition Counselor and Transformation Coach at the Ryan Ferns Healthplex in Benwood, WV, hosts the program, which is currently on a monthly production schedule. “My hope and intention for this show is to offer simple strategies, habits, and tools that can help people start on their journey to feel more healthy, vibrant and alive and to create an awareness that if you don’t feel your best, the solutions might not be as difficult or overwhelming as one may think and opportunities are always available when we are ready to seek them.  Change can be created at any age; it’s never too early, or too late to start!” says Salatino.

Kathi Leonard Salatino on set for HealthyU in the WLUTV studios.

Salatino has been with the Healthplex for four years and works with both private clients and corporate wellness groups. After working to lose over 100 pounds and working in the field of nutrition for over 15 years, she is taking her passion to a new level with this show. “As I discovered through my own journey of losing weight and making choices to always feel healthy, vibrant and alive, I decided I wanted to help as many people as I could feel the same.  We often get so conditioned to a way of life that leaves us feeling stressed, run-down, uncomfortable in our own skin and wanting to feel better but unsure how.  It is my passion to help people understand that through some simple strategies, they could feel so much better and enjoy a healthy, energized and more delicious life!” she added.

The first episode was recorded at WLUTV on October 13th. Theresa Gretchen, Executive Director of WLUTV, believes that this show will serve not only the campus but the community as well. “This is another opportunity for our students to gain valuable experience in production and to produce quality programming, but it also provides a valuable message to the community.”

The first episode of HealthyU focuses on the principals for a healthier lifestyle

The primary goal of the show is to focus on all aspects of healthy living habits, including nutrition, exercise, and a healthy mindset.  Salatino says that the first episode will feature some tips to help viewers navigate the challenges of the Holiday Season, “This will include how to minimize the stereotypical holiday weight gain pitfalls, as well as deal with the challenges of dysfunctional family get-togethers! “

With the first show in the can, plans are underway for the next episode which will likely be recorded in November. Salatino offers some insight to what future episodes might

Executive Director Theresa Gretchen and student Chad Richards prepare for the recording of the first episode of HealthyU

offer.  “In future episodes I look forward to sharing simple, delicious (and healthy) recipes, tips and tools for making small changes and how they will benefit our viewers to feel and look better, plus interviews with experts in the areas of health, fitness and personal development to create a template for being a “Healthy U”!

The show will debut at 8 PM on October 18th and will air on Thursday, October 19th and Friday October 20th at 11:30 am and 9pm. Check out the WLUTV Online Schedule for more airtimes. The episode may also be viewed on demand on Vimeo.

WLUTV is an educational access station reaching over 100,000 households on Comcast Cable channel 14 in the Ohio Valley and online at wltvonline.com. Students from the College of Arts and Communication are active in the television and recording studios of WLUTV-14 throughout the year, developing and producing more than 8 television shows weekly,