Student Spotlight – Kyle Patrick

Student Spotlight – Kyle Patrick

Get to know junior broadcast major, Kyle Patrick.

Todd Ullom and color analyst Kyle Patrick after the 2017 season opener at West Family Stadium

Tell a little bit about your background.

I grew up in McMechen, West Virginia and attended John Marshall High School where I got my first taste of the broadcasting world with WJMH Media.
So you were part of WJMH Media. How did that influence where you are now?
WJMH Media is the reason I’m here right now studying broadcasting at West Liberty, it really opened up my eyes to what I really want to do with my life, definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life.
Why did you decide on coming to West Liberty?
I decided to come to West Lib because of the family atmosphere you get, we truly are just one big family up here and I love it.
This year you are serving as color commentator for football. What advice would you give a prospective talent for sports broadcasting?
To a kid who is trying to get into sports broadcasting I would tell them to go after it. Find your sport or sports that you love the most and just go for it, practice every chance you get and never pass up on any opportunities to let your voice be heard. Your opinion matters so don’t be afraid to speak your mind when on the air.
What’s this show, Jock Talk all about and how are you involved? 
Jock Talk is a sports show that airs on channel 14, this year I’m hosting the show with analyst Cody Shook by my side. Freshman and sophomore year I produced the show and was an analyst, but this year we have two great producers in Chad Richards and Marty Engle that come up with amazing content. We also have a permanent director this year in Corey Knollinger who does an amazing job. I’m really proud of the show this year and of everyone who makes it happen, we have a lot of fun.

Kyle and Todd Ullom calling the game from the booth at the UVA Wise game.

You also broadcast for Kiss FM game of the week. How did you get that gig?
Yeah so how I got the job for high school football games on 95.7 was from a Jock Talk connection. Corey Klug graduated the year before me and he was the producer and host of Jock Talk and really showed me the ropes, but he needed a partner on air and gave me a call and it was a no brainer to accept.
And you work with the Wheeling Nailers?
I started working with the Nailers in high school as a camera operator for their video board and it just kind of stuck. They keep asking me to come back every year so I guess they like me down there which is a good thing. Hockey is my favorite sport and I grew up watching the Nailers so it’s really cool to have this experience working for them.
And wait… You’re also an ambassador for West Liberty? Tell us about that. 
This year is my first as a student ambassador here at West Liberty, and basically what I do is give tours to students who are interested in coming here. I decided to apply for this position because I really do love West Liberty and want to show people who come and visit how great it is up here.
When you aren’t working on the crew, where could we find you? What do you enjoy doing for fun?
When I’m not working you can find me hanging out with friends and most of the time watching sports, especially if the Penguins are on.
Even though we wish you could stay at West Liberty forever, you’ll have to graduate. What do you want to do after graduation? What would be your dream job?
Well when I graduate my dream job would be have to be an NHL play-by- play announcer, I love hockey and wouldn’t it be awesome waking up everyday and doing something you love to do?