Student Spotlight – Lauryn Fridley

Student Spotlight –  Lauryn Fridley

Get to know freshman crew member, Lauryn Fridley.

Lauryn running camera for a Hilltopper football game

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Jefferson County, WV. I pretty much lived in every major town in the county, but I lived there all of my life. I went to Jefferson High School in Shenandoah Junction, WV. It had a very large population of students when I went there and it still does. It always seems like the freshmen class gets larger and larger. When I was in high school, I was on the volleyball team my freshmen year (yes Jared, volleyball is a real sport), and I was in Key Club my senior year. I pretty much stayed quiet in high school because I was really shy, but the more I look at it, the more I regret not trying new things when I had the opportunity. That’s why I am really trying my best to get more involved here at West Liberty. Before I came to West Liberty, I was an assistant coach for a little league volleyball team over the summer and I still plan on doing that next year.

So you’re from the eastern panhandle. What’s your favorite thing about living there?

Living in the eastern panhandle was always fun growing up. We lived so close to Washington D.C. and Baltimore and would always go there when we had the chance. The best thing about living in the eastern panhandle is it’s considered the suburbs of the city. We weren’t considered your typical West Virginia small town; we were more urban than rural in most cases. We had the two rivers that formed into one, and the historical towns of Harpers Ferry and Shepherdstown. We also had a wide diversity of people and that is what made the eastern panhandle so great. We’re also considered a part of the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) so we get all of their local channels and restaurants.

What brings you to West Liberty? How did you find out about us?

I found about West Liberty through an Instagram post of somebody who goes here. I googled the school and found that it was perfect for me. I was originally majoring in Pre-Med because I saw the school had a great physician assistants program, but then I realized the medical field was not for me and I switched my major to broadcasting.

Why did you decide to join the TV crew?

I joined the TV crew because it would be one way of getting involved and meeting new people. I also wanted the hands on experience right away instead of having to wait several years, and I simply just wanted to have fun.

You’ve been on the crew for a couple of weeks and have really been thrown into the fire. What’s it been like?

Lauryn working sideline camera

The crew has simply been amazing and I never regret joining it. I feel so at home when I’m with the crew and I think that is the best part. The best part about living four hours away from home is the I don’t have any priorities so I’m always free to help out with the crew. I like to take every opportunity that I am given and do it to the best of my abilities.

How was your first time running camera for a football game?

I was not expecting to run camera at the football game, but I am glad I did it. It was a great way to get out there and learn the equipment. I actually never thought I would like doing camera but it was so much fun, even if our football team got stomped on.

Your profile on the crew site says you like reading a book under a sunset. What do you read?

I actually do not read books that much, but I am more into sports articles and sports related books. If I were under the sunset I would most likely watch a movie on Netflix or something of that nature.

And you like to correct people when they are wrong?

I do correct people when they are wrong, but only people that I have got to know. I would never tell someone they are wrong if I did not know them.

You said you are majoring in broadcasting. What would be your dream job after you finish your degree here at West Liberty?

My dream job after I finish my degree at West Liberty would be to be an analyst on ESPN or the MLB Network. I love talking about baseball and other popular sports, and it would just be my dream to talk about it for the rest of my life.