New Show to Debut on WLUTV

New Show to Debut on WLUTV

WLU Professor and local artist Bob Villamagna works in his workshop during the first episode of Arts Unlimited.

A new show is in production on WLUTV 14. Beginning this fall, Arts Unlimited will premiere on Comcast Channel 14 and online at wltvonline.com. Jared Thompson, a senior producer at WLUTV describes the show as West Liberty centric. “The concept for the show is to highlight West Liberty faculty, staff, students, and alumni who excel in the arts and to demonstrate and describe their artistic process.”

Villamagna demonstrates his artistic process in Arts Unlimited

The show concept began with a vision from Dr. Matthew Harder, Dean of the College of Arts and Communication at West Liberty. “I simply want to get the word out about WLU and the Arts Programs we have. Our students, faculty, and staff produce such wonderful work, and I felt like I needed to help spread the word. It’s not just an advertisement though; I want each show to be informative,” Harder commented.

The goal of the show is to be entertaining, but also for the viewers to learn what it really takes to make art. The show will examine the daily lives of artists and the process that goes into developing a piece of art, from studio art to performance art. Harder wants to really focus on the process. “We often only see the final product: a painting, a concert, an article, etc. I want this show to be a view from behind the curtain, so to speak.”

Art is all around us every day, and at West Liberty University, the arts are part of not only the academic curriculum, but extra-curricular activity as well. The arts programs at West Liberty provide culture and create a sense of an inclusive community that helps to provide identity to the artists themselves, as well as the campus.

WLU Faculty member and local artist sits down with the host of Arts Unlimited, Dr. Matthew Harder to talk about his work.

The first episode of the show features Bob Villamagna, an art faculty member at West Liberty University. “Bob paid me a hefty sum to be the first featured guest,” Harder joked. “It was an easy choice and I am so glad he agreed to do it. Bob has been winning awards and receiving accolades at a furious pace recently.” Villamagna will also be retiring at the end of the semester.

The next episode of Arts Unlimited will feature a new faculty member in the College of Arts and Communication, Ryan Keeling. Keeling, the new Director of Choral Activities, is a West Liberty graduate who studied under the great Al de Jaager and has since gone on to earn advanced degrees in choral conducting as well as taking part in several successful ventures in the Pittsburgh area.

The first episode will premiere on Friday,  September 15th at 8 PM and will be available on demand on Vimeo.