WLU-TV Receives Production Truck

WLU-TV Receives Production Truck

WLU-TV’s New Production Truck, “Bella”

Thanks to the generosity of Swisher International of Jacksonville, Fl, the WLU-TV crew now has a  new mobile production unit. The 24 and a half foot long studio on wheels, known as “Bella,” is offering many advantages to not only the television crew, but to the University. According to WLU-TV Executive Producer and Director, Theresa Gretchen, the mobile unit is truly well earned.  “The students have been doing productions out of a 16 passenger van for 4 years.  We were only able to fit a few students in the van.  The truck will make for a more ideal work environment.  It was a good feeling to watch the students work in the truck this past weekend.  All of the hard work has paid off.”

Bella offers students a variety of advantages including enough space inside for 10 students to be working on a production.  With ample rack mount storage and full heating and air control, the unit not only creates a safer environment for working, but allows for a more comfortable one as well.

The mobile television unit includes a 50 inch LED multi-view screen, a COMPIX media graphics unit with AutoCast integration, a Buftek instant replay system, 12 channel audio console, and full engineering capacity for web stream capabilities and signal monitoring.

Senior Amber Williams who serves as a graphics specialist on the WLU-TV crew is pleased to see the truck become a reality, and not a moment too soon. “When I heard about the possibility of getting a new truck, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  When I saw the truck pull into the media arts center parking lot, I literally jumped for joy knowing that this is history in the making for WLU-TV.  I’m going to soak up all that I can being in the production truck since I’m going to graduate in December.”

Prior to Bella’s arrival, the WLU-TV production crew had been working from a 16-passanger van that was converted into a mobile unit. Jared Thompson, Production Specialist and acting WLU-TV crew engineer, has found many advantages with Bella over the previous van.  “We were able to make due with our converted van for a few years, but as our program grew and our production quality increased, it became evident that we needed not only a larger teaching environment, but also a safer way to teach and mount the equipment.  The arrival of Bella has given us so many advantages from a teaching and engineering standpoint. This is truly something for the whole University to be proud of.”

“The addition of the truck takes us to a whole new level.  It is something that we have worked hard for,” added Gretchen.

The production truck was made possible by a donation through Swisher International out of Jacksonville, Fl. Be sure to stop by and see the new WLU-TV Mobile Production truck at any home or away football game!