WGLZ’s Haley Augenstein Fall 2019 Air Check Assignment

For this Fall semester, WGLZ’s announcer Haley Augenstein hosted a radio show throughout the weeks that was typically hosted on Wednesday evenings. During Haley’s show, she typically talked about events that she thought was important to her. She began with an introduction to her show, followed by a local whether update, then moving on toward important events in her daily life. Haley enjoyed having her radio show, and honestly looked forward to every Wednesday when she would go on-air. At first, Haley was scared to begin doing a radio show live on-air, but eventually got the hang of it and loved doing it! Along with the radio shows every week, Haley also conducted a few interviews throughout the semester. Haley enjoyed meeting with these people and hosting the interviews with questions that she was interested in and learning about new things!

Haley Augenstein has put together a final air check for the fall semester with her favorite clips from her shows. Haley loved doing her radio shows, and she believes that it made her more confident in speaking publicly. Haley will continue to find her love for radio, and hopefully find something she wants to pursue in life. Haley enjoyed this radio class and believes it has helped her so much, and she is very excited for her future!