Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town crew

Talk of the Town is a weekly talk show hosted by Luke Karaba, a sophomore Broadcasting major at West Liberty. He is joined weekly on the show by his friends Levi Shreve, Nicholas Stimpert, Patrick Spiess, and Anthony Craig. Levi Shreve serves as the sleeping giant of the group with his calm demeanor and shrewd observations. Nicholas Stimpert is known for always bringing snacks into the radio station to fuel his thoughts and opinions. Patrick Spiess is blessed with a smooth voice and an intelligent sense of humor. Last but not least, Anthony Craig, nicknamed “The Don”, is famous for his dramatic entrances and controversial opinions on the hot takes discussed on the show. Talk of the Town is a one of a kind show where listeners can send in any question they have about life, and our beloved heroes will valiantly debate them. They go on air every Tuesday at 7 PM!