Ryan Smurthwaite

Ryan Smurthwaite was born in Wellsburg, West Virginia. As a young kid, he first took interest in music around age 3 by playing piano. For about 10 years, Ryan practiced and played piano almost every day, and eventually came around to performing in talent shows and weddings.

It wasn’t until age 12 where he found his real voice in the guitar. After picking up the guitar, he changed his musical interests, dropping piano completely, and set his new goal to become a rockstar. Taking heavy influences from bands such as Metallica, Van Halen, Rush and many more, Ryan’s musical taste grew along with his knowledge of the guitar.

Nowadays, Ryan is enrolled at West Liberty studying Music Technology. With a passion for all things recording studio, he has released an album of music, The Journey in June of 2018, and has an upcoming release called Firebreather – EP set to be released soon. He has also contributed multiple parts to many different albums and projects.

Ryan’s musical tastes are very broad, and now with him on the radio you can expect to hear multiple genres of music one after the other. While some may call this indecisive, listening and taking influences from the many sides of music is the way Ryan thrives.