Pat King

Patrick King- Patrick is a West Liberty University freshman from Wheeling, West Virginia. A graduate of Wheeling Park High School, Patrick is taking Communications. He hopes to take his higher education into the entertainment industry with a sole intent to give individuals something to enjoy, whether it be humor or something more serious. A hobby since his youth has been one of an artistic variety. From drawing on scrap paper to selling paintings locally in his early teens, he thoroughly enjoys drawing, making an effort to do so on a daily basis. His second interest, only recently discovered, is designing and orchestrating for a tabletop board game for a group of close-knit friends. He believes doing so, whether it be writing of towns, interesting characters, or in joke oriented happenstance, allows for a sort of calm and pleasant escape during stressful endeavors. Lastly, being both a consistent pastime and a major portion of his life, he delights in listening to music. He does so at any given opportunity, and most often listens to Fitz and the Tantrums, Borns, Vance Joy, The 1975, and other such indie/alternative groups, but also enjoys classics, rock, and a range of other genres. From a young age, music has been a major contributor to his lifestyle, providing comfort, energy, and inspiration, something in which he hopes to communicate to the listeners of WGLZ.



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