Isaac Basinger

Isaac Basinger is from Wheeling, West Virginia, and he is a first-year student majoring in broadcasting and minoring in Public Relations.

He graduated from Central Catholic High School in 2018, where some of his extracurricular activities included playing baseball and being a part of the broadcasting crew. While on the baseball team, Isaac was a team captain and played first base. During Isaac’s time on the broadcast crew, he received two accolades: He was named as one of the top three student commentators in the country for his play by play work during the school athletic events and he also won a Student Emmy for broadcasting a school basketball game. Isaac enjoys watching most sports.

He roots for the Los Angeles Chargers, and the University of Texas. Isaac also enjoys watching the Pittsburgh Pirates and Penguins. Isaac aspires to work as a play by play analyst for ESPN and wants to call college football or NFL games. His end goal is to be able to call the National Championship in football and basketball,  Super Bowl, or even the World Series.

To Isaac, college radio means that it gives great opportunity to students to experience something that is bigger than themselves and gets their names out there for future jobs.