Haley Augenstein

      Haley Augenstein is from Marietta, Ohio and she went to Marietta High School her Freshman and Sophomore year. During Haley’s Junior and Senior year of high school, she attended the Washington County Career Center and took Graphic Design and Video Production. She is excited to start her life with being at West Liberty and majoring in broadcasting. During high school, Haley found a love for photography. Haley takes a lot of pictures in her free time, including weddings, baby photos, maternity photos, etc.   

Haley also enjoys drawing. Haley feels as if she is not a good drawer, but she still loves to draw anyways. She draws anything from flowers, fruits, and even animals. Haley really enjoys listening to music, especially on the radio. Any station is really her favorite, she pretty much listens to anything and everything.

After graduating college, Haley plans on getting a job with something to do with broadcasting. She’s not exactly sure what she wants to do yet, but something with TV. She’s thinking about working with the News, either being on air, or being behind the camera. Haley also thinks that having her own talk show would be awesome! Haley believes that college radio offers a lot to college students. Haley thinks that the studeo for college radio is a place for students to get radio experience before being shoved into adulthood after graduating. College radio is run only by students, which gives off a vibe that this generation can relate to. Haley is excited to be involved with college radio, and she hopes it helps her out with her future!