Gabrielle Blanchard

Gabrielle is a Junior at West Liberty, double majoring in Public Relations and Journalism. In addition to joining WGLZ behind the scenes this semester, she is also the Assistant Editor of West Liberty’s student-run newspaper, The Trumpet. She attended and graduated from Steubenville High School, where she was involved in the school newspaper, Thespian troupe, choir, and other ‘artsy’-type things.

She has been a passionate writer for as long as she can remember and has always enjoyed that as well as computers. She keeps busy with writing and comics, mostly, and spends way too much time and money on superhero-related things, attending comic cons as well.

After graduation, Gabrielle actually hopes to work in the field of comics, either for a company that produces them, or for a convention. For her, college radio means being a leader and innovator in the field, being able to hone talents, and put fresh, diverse, voices into the world.