Darien Mitchell


Darien Mitchell is from Tampa Florida and a graduate of King High School. He transferred to West Liberty University from Savannah State University in Georgia. Darien is most interested in making good grades and receiving a college degree in Mass Communications. Darien also plays wide receiver for the West Liberty Hilltoppers football team. When he is not playing football, Darien enjoys playing Madden and spending time with family.

For Darien, college radio is important because it gives college students a voice, and college radio is very unique because anyone who tunes in around the world can be informed about what is taking place in that particular school. College radio is the best way to spread information around the campus about activities that are coming up, the weather for the week, and even give local bands a chance to come on air and play their music.

After college, he wants to continue playing football on the next level, and eventually become a sports writer for ESPN.