Brooke Scopel

Brooke Scopel is a freshman student at West Liberty University this year and is from Weirton WV. Before attending West Liberty University, she went to weir high school. Some of her favorite hobbies are drawing even though it can be frustrating at times but has kept at it for as long as she can remember; even doodling in class from time to time.

She also loves listening to music anywhere she can , practicing photography; going out to places exploring trying to find new pictures no one has taken before , hanging out with friends; usually playing board games or going out to see a movie , and lastly reading books she finds at local bookstores or that are recommended to her.

Brooke is currently a broadcasting major. after graduating she would like

to work behind the senses for tv or film working the camera and editing the final product. She would settle for working at a news station, but her ultimate goal is to work in the movie industry. now for what college radio means to Brooke; it means learning how to talk to an audience, and gives her a chance to work with media which will help her with her career.