Branson Sawinski

Branson comes from the small town of Moundsville in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. He attended John Marshall high school in Glen Dale and is now at West Liberty University as a Digital Media Design major.

His wide range of hobbies including but not limited to; mountain biking, gaming, drawing, building model cars, and enjoying a good night out with his telescope to view the cosmos.

When out on the trail with his bike, he has to be very careful for what lies ahead, as some of those trails may only be about a foot wide, and have a cliff on either side, making it scary at times. But whether he is mountain biking or viewing the sky, he likes to share the experience with friends, family and his fiancee.

With so many hobbies and interests, it was hard for him to decide on a major.

At this time, he is figuring out what track he wishes to focus on as a Digital Media Design major. He is simply looking for an enjoyable and stable career with good benefits without limiting him to only larger cities or requiring him to travel as part of the job. Branson believes that college radio is a good source of entertainment or information about what is going on or near the campus.