Jayden Conner

Jayden Conner is a Digital Media Design major at West Liberty University. She is from Benwood, West Virginia. She attended John Marshall High School, and that’s where she found her love for photography, radio, and multimedia design.

In high school, she was a member of the swim team and was captain her senior year. She still enjoys swimming at the pool on campus, when she has the time. She also enjoys listening to music and playing guitar, violin, ukulele, and piano; however, she is lucky if she can play one song on any of those instruments. Her hobbies also include drawing and photography. Her favorite is nature photography.

For Jayden, college radio is a way for her to branch out and meet new people with common interests. It is also a way for her to get more comfortable with public speaking. After college, Jayden would love to work with animation. She would like to write, animate, and produce cartoons or video games. If that doesn’t work out, then she plans on becoming a nature and family photographer.