Alycia Callahan

Alycia Callahan is a creative, ready-to-learn student from Houston, Pennsylvania. She moved to the area in 2010 and attended Wheeling Park High School. Always eager to try new things, she played softball for roughly five years as well as a few years of tennis in middle school. In addition to sports, Alycia was in marching band for four years, and considers this the most memorable part of school for her as well as one of the most challenging: she was the only one who played a baritone saxophone in both marching band and concert band and quickly learned the hard way why no one else played it.

This is her sophomore year at West Liberty, with her major being Broadcasting and her interconnected minor, Computer Information Systems. Broadcasting is another way for Alycia to be hands-on and she strives to combine her degrees so she will be able to understand how to work cameras and conduct live broadcasts in addition to coding and fixing computers.

In her free time, she has a few hobbies. Alycia enjoys rollerblading, biking (with the occasional fear of falling), and simply staying inside to play video games on both a computer and PS4. She prefers more casual games such as Slime Rancher, Stardew Valley, or the most known of them all, Harvest Moon. She also loves to read books and enjoys anything in the categories of horror, mysteries, or drama. You may also consider her a sleeping beauty because she loves to sleep quite a bit.

Her plans for the future involve working with computers and fixing technological treasures such as phones, tablets, or cameras. She has been connected with technology from a very young age; it goes from the GameCube to a PlayStation, and then her whole life changed when she was finally able to use a computer. She would play on the computer every day after school and developed a love for something she enjoys to this very day.

Alycia also loves when family or friends come to her for advice when trying to fix something such as a phone or a computer.

A passion for her, college radio means trying something new, gaining experience, and learning things she never imagined she’d do in the first place.