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Angela Zambito HillAs we approach the end of this fiscal year, we are grateful to all who supported the Capital Campaign and we urge those considering a gift to get involved before June 30, 2013.

Fiscal Year 2013 Highlights as of March 31:

  • $3.8 million raised to date for FY 2013
  • 233 new first time donors
  • 31 donors gave $5,000 or more, 26 percent increase over last year
  • 1,922 total gifts received as of March 31, compared to
  • 1,557 gifts received over the entire 12 month of previous year
  • President’s Circle donors are giving more, the amount of contributions triples last year’s figure

These highlights are exhilarating! Based on the success we’ve had so far, we feel such a strong sense of promise for the future. But the reality is that we continue to face a decline in state funding. West Virginia state appropriations for next year will only cover 19 percent of WLU’s operating budget.
This downward trend, which is projected to continue, dramatically increases the need for private fundraising.
For West Liberty University to achieve aggressive goals of continued growth in enrollment and new programming to provide our students a high quality education, private funds must grow. We are sensitive to the fact that many of our alumni may not understand this need, given we are a public university. But times have changed drastically since the days when state-funded schools didn’t need a development office, and we are fortunate to enjoy the generosity of our alumni and friends to sustain our mission.
The amount needed to reach the $4 million goal for fiscal 2012–2013 is $195,000. For more information, please call me at 304-336-8490.

Author: IA Staff

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