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Wind Ensemble concert showcases Hilltopper talent

By Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor

To start with, I am not a musician. I have no specialized or technical knowledge about music, but I attended Wednesday night’s Odds and Evens Concert, performed by the West Liberty Wind Ensemble – and I was impressed. I think this concert showed just how tremendous and diverse the talent here on the hilltop is, and how events like these can bring lots of people—musicians or not—together.

The concert began at 7:30 p.m. the evening of Wednesday, March 23, in College Hall. The Wind Ensemble, with its 32 student musicians, two professors, and conductor and professor Patrick Garrett, started with a piece called “Mangulina.” Happily, I found that most of the seats around me were filled, with more people walking in as the show was beginning. I stopped counting heads when I got to 50.

‘Odds and Evens’ concert welcomes music lovers

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

An intimate musical performance will be taking place on the West Liberty campus at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23. The performance will be a Wind Ensemble held in College Hall. Instrumentation will include bass clarinet, flutes, piccolo, horns, trombones, piano, tuba, and many others.

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