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Staying healthy: Tips to avoid the flu

By Emily Salvatori, Assistant Editor
Heading back to school for some may mean getting hit with an illness, especially when it’s cold and flu season. This year, with as widespread as the flu is, taking steps to slow its spread is often on people’s minds. Students are often in close proximity to one another, especially if they live in dorms, and this can easily spread germs. This means taking extra precautions to avoid getting sick, and taking care of yourself if you do.

Nutrition Expert Advises WLU Students

By Jessica Broverman, editor

As college students, we rarely have time to consume anything other than coffee and Ramen noodles. However, The Trumpet has called upon a professional within the Ohio Valley to elaborate on the subject.

Kathi Leonard has been on her own health journey for many years now and is using her platform to inform and help those with health issues, whether they be physical or mental. She is now taking the time to help West Liberty University students better their own health.

Leonard, a Nutrition Counselor and Transformation Coach at the Ryan Ferns Healthplex, explains how misleading companies can be when selling food and beverage items to the public.

Why you should keep your beauty au naturel

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

We have all gone to certain lengths for our appearance. Whether it be getting a haircut or applying makeup every day, we all have been there. This not only is a part of how we as a society view beauty, but also how we see our personal beauty due to the media. It is far more of an advantage to embrace our natural beauty, rather than change it.

A large concern that should be taken into consideration is the fact that we are destroying our skin, hair, pores and many other parts of our bodies with harsh chemicals. Have you ever looked at the ingredients for your favorite concealer or that fantastic smelling conditioner? Those beauty products contain all sorts of chemicals.