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Maintaining gratefulness throughout the holidays

By Daniel Morgan, Editor

The last Thursday in November reminds us all to be grateful for what and who we have in our lives, but why do we forget about it once it’s over?

Last minute holiday gift ideas to give

By Emily Salvatori, Assistant Editor

Gift-giving can be a fun way to treat your family and friends, but sometimes time can slip away from you and the holidays sneak up. Suddenly, you still need to buy a gift or gifts for someone you care about. If you are in this situation, here are some last minute gift ideas to consider.

Sounding Off on winter break

Compiled by Natasha Muhametzyanova, Contributing Writer

Hilltop Players present ‘Best Christmas Pageant Ever’

By Taylor Long, Contributing Writer
Get ready to get into the Christmas spirit with the Hilltop Players’ production of “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” by Barbara Robinson, beginning on Nov. 30 through Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. and running again Dec. 7-9 at 7:30 p.m., with a matinee showing on Dec. 10 at 3 p.m.

Last-minute crafting gifts for Christmas

By Megan Jones, Advertising Manager

With Christmas only a couple days away, one can assume the holiday shoppers who procrastinated are freaking out.

Have no fear! If you put off shopping for so long because of the price tags and everything is out of stock, or it’s too late to order online, here are four last minute crafting Christmas gifts that won’t make your bank account frown.

Top 10 holiday movies to enjoy

By Jessica Broverman, Contributing Writer

Movies play a very large part in having a great holiday experience. Next to food, gifts, and family time, Christmas movies get all of us in the mood for hot cocoa and buttered popcorn. Here are my favorite top ten Christmas movies to watch this December!

Hilltop Players embrace community with ‘A Christmas Carol’

By Daniel Morgan, Editor

“A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley” opened last night at West Liberty University to a sizable, lively crowd. The beloved story about Ebenezer Scrooge was charmingly transferred to the Kelly Theatre stage with ease, and it was well-received by all. 

Hilltop Players bring Scrooge to the Kelly Theatre in Dickens’ classic 

By Ian Beabout, Staff Writer 
The Hilltop Players have had an extremely unorthodox season. Starting with the epic “Ramayana – Past in Present” in the semester’s formative days and moving effortlessly into a chilling retelling of classic Poe lore, the Players have set the bar incredibly high for what’s to come. 
As luck would have it, the “Ghost of Theater Future” so happened to visit in a dream recently, and it is on good authority that the next performance to grace the hallowed halls of Kelly Theatre is the Charles Dickens classic, “A Christmas Carol.”

Student body pays it forward this holiday season 

By Josh Smith, Contributing Writer
As the holiday season edges closer, the act of giving begins to fill the minds of many people. Frequently known as “paying it forward,” various groups and organizations from around the globe partake in fundraisers and drives that help the greater good. As of recently, many clubs and organizations on West Liberty University’s campus have been taking part in these festivities. 

Read the real stories this holiday season

By Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor

The last two months of every calendar year, our days are decorated with holiday stories. We learn them from classic holiday movies and television specials, holiday music, and real-life stories, new and traditional, told to us by relatives at family gatherings this time of year.

We know all about beloved Christmas characters like Santa Claus, Rudolph, Buddy the elf, Ebenezer Scrooge, and the Grinch who stole Christmas. But many of these stories we know and love from movies and TV started out as books and written stories. Revisiting a few of these this Christmas season myself, I’ve realized that in the cases of some of my holiday favorites, the movie I know really is different than the book it started out as.