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Road conditions play key role in weather delays

By Jalyn Bolyard, Online Editor

Every spring semester when it snows, students tend to wonder if a three-hour delay or cancellation is on the way. There are certain procedures behind the scenes that students don’t normally see before the call is made.

A behind the scenes look at “She Kills Monsters”

By Morgan Goddard, Contributing Writer

Sunday, February 21st was the Hilltop Player’s final performance of She Kills Monsters. The cast and crew put a lot of hard work and dedication into pulling off nonstop high quality performances. Although a lot of work has gone into the play, that’s not to say that the cast and crew haven’t had a blast putting on the show.

As one of the ‘monsters’ in the play, I know the audience can only see so much, so I would like to share my unique perspective of the play. Come and take a unique look at some of the happenings behind closed doors and closed curtains as we bid farewell to a truly unique show!