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Letter to the Editor: Gun Violence

Dear Editor,

As many of you may know, gun violence has become a very serious issue in America and will only become worse as the economy deteriorates. I speak primarily in regards to the ever-increasing threat of school shootings, a rash of which have swept across the country in recent years. Hundreds of people have lost their lives in these bloody incursions, leaving the rest of the country asking the question, “How could this happen?” Well, the answer is very simple. We weren’t allowed to protect ourselves.

The one thing that is sadder than this gross loss of life is the fact that these deaths could have been prevented. America treats the ownership of firearms as taboo. Liberals preach Gun Control like the Gospel, and when massacres like the one at Virginia Tech or Columbine occur, they yell and scream with religious fervor and expect us all to listen. Their argument to events such as Columbine and Virginia Tech is: “If this country had stricter gun laws, things like this wouldn’t happen.” This could not be further from the truth. Signs that state, “Gun Free School Zone,” and laws that ban the ownership of firearms only create the illusion of safety. In reality, these signs and laws tell potential mass murderers that they’ll be able to kill off at least a few dozen hapless individuals before the police arrive. And what is truly incredible is that our lawmakers and school administrators think they can protect us from this danger by running mock school shootings and drawing up plans of action to keep students safe. These tactics may work for the majority of students and faculty, but, unfortunately, they do little to help a gunman’s initial victims.

Unarmed citizens are sitting ducks for criminals or the occasional disturbed youth- neither of which pay much attention to  “Anti-Gun” laws. When it comes to prevention, you have to fight fire with fire.

Take Virginia Tech for example. If one or more people, other than the gunman, had been armed that day, we might have seen a much lower number of casualties. Imagine if law-abiding citizens were allowed to carry weapons while on campus. Who would attempt a shooting when any number of his potential victims could also be carrying? Guns do not promote violence. They prevent it. A person who wants to shoot up his local school campus will think twice about doing so if he knows he’s not the only one with a gun.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’d love to live in a world full of kittens and lollipops as much of the next guy. But the reality is we don’t. We live in an imperfect world where people are robbed, murdered and blown up. It’s time for America to wake up.

We have a God-given right to defend ourselves when our enemies come for us. Our own Bill of Rights ensures that right. But our legislators conveniently ignore that little clause we call the 2nd Amendment because owning a gun is not “politically correct”. They loosely interpret it away so they can be free to pass all the gun-control legislation they want. How dare our lawmakers expect us to surrender our lives to rapists, murderers, and homicidal maniacs for the sake of being politically correct? How dare they expect us to die like dogs in a pen so they can continue to dictate our lives with their asinine notions of government? Those looking for an explanation to the senseless violence that has occurred across our country need only look at our own government’s failure to allow its citizens the right to carry the means to defend themselves. Politicians are wrong when they say that we need stricter gun-control laws. We need more guns to ensure our safety. Handing law-abiding citizens a gun does not turn them into criminals. It turns them into keepers of the peace. How many more will die before we understand this?

JD Mihopulos–Student

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