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Letter to the Editor: University Week

Dear Editor,

As everyone is fully aware University Week is rapidly approaching. This is a historic time for West Liberty more than deserving of a celebration.

However, I have some questions. Who is this celebration really for? Were the students opinions observed or ignored?

First, I would like to point out that this commentary in no way is meant to denounce the hard work put in by so many people to actually make this happen. They had an incredible amount of personal energy invested that anyone who didn’t do the same could never fully understand. So before any criticism starts, I would like to congratulate those people involved.

My only real concern is I feel the opinions of the majority of the student population went ignored. I have asked several generalized students unaffiliated with SGA or any kind of planning with University Week and as far as most of them are concerned, their opinions range from not caring, to being very critical of the events planned saying that vast amounts of money were being spent on activities that could have better benefited students in other ways, whether it would have been to give the money to student organizations to hold events that students will actively want to attend or participate in.

That’s not to say that all the activities planned aren’t intriguing. In fact I also received several positive comments about some of the events. Most of the opinions showed excitement over the three day carnival being held on the quad.

However,  I do question several other activities that have been deemed “mandatory” for several groups of students including Greek life and the Resident Assistants. I ask, what is the point of holding a pep rally that people are forced to go to?   Doesn’t it stand to reason that if you’re planning events, that those events should be planned with the idea of wanting students to voluntarily attend?

Half of the events require that the RA’s attend. I personally feel that is very unfortunate. People should want to come, and those in power should not be forcing those under them to attend.

Perhaps I make too much of such a small thing, but I for one am personally offended.  I understand that University Week’s activities are not meant solely for the students of West Liberty, but also for faculty, the community, and alumni. As I am only a student, I can only speak of how I feel coming from that position. Through my time at West Liberty I have noticed the same mistakes being made year in and year out. People complain that there is never anything to do, and those who plan events complain that no one shows up. I feel that this is a matter that large amounts of money are spent to plan events that no one cares about.

I believe the same mistakes are being made for University Week and I fear that the same old adage will yet again occur.

No one knows who these entertainers are, and therefore the turn out won’t be nearly as good as they want them to be.

I offer only one suggestion that was initially in the works before University Week destroyed it. Give some of that money to student organizations to hold events specifically catered to the general student population. Who better to know what the students want, than the students themselves?

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that through all the flash and rhetoric, University Week is just going to fall short.

-Writer’s name withheld by request

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