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Letter to the Editor: Wellness Center Issues

Dear Editor,

I am writing to respond to an article posted in the March 3, 2010 edition of The Trumpet. The article featured on the front page was about the highly debated condition of the Wellness Center.

I understand that there are budget cycles that each department must follow. I also understand that the administration would be hesitant at the thought of losing money or equipment theft. What I do not understand is how people can say that the Wellness Center is a capable and completely safe place for students and West Liberty residents alike to workout in.

I have been working out in the Wellness Center for over three years now, and I have seen a few major changes. For example, the elliptical machines were not here when I began my journey at West Liberty. A few workout benches were taken and placed upstairs from the weight room downstairs. They even brought up some barbell weights which the Wellness Center really needed.

However, the issue that stands is that the equipment needs to be replaced. One of the elliptical machines is completely broken and another one is struggling to survive. One out of two Fusion machines has been out of order all year. Two of the four treadmills in the general student workout facility are barely running and their belts are starting to skip. These machines can be dangerous. Most of the machines that are breaking should be looked at and/or replaced as soon as possible before someone gets hurt.

The weights are not much better. Weights, both free and barbell, are missing and breaking. If somebody is attempting to weight train upstairs and they need to go up five pounds in weight, there is a good chance that the weight they need is not going to be there. So, they take the risk of increasing the weight, therefore risking their health even more in the process.

I have held the weights that are above sixty pounds in the Wellness Center, and they appear to be breaking. They look like somebody has been chipping away at them around the edges. All it is going to take is one of these heavy weights breaking and injuring someone for this school to have a serious lawsuit to deal with. I am concerned about the health and safety of myself and the rest of the student body.

The final thing that students have an issue with is the poor condition of the independent cable machines. Half of them are off track. By this I mean that the weight catches itself or sticks so that students are not getting the proper workout that they strive for.

The leg press machine has a broken seat so it cannot be adjusted. This is a potential danger as well. The facility is, for the most part, a recycled weight room that receives very little attention or maintenance.

I am not trying to offend anyone or any particular department by writing this. I just want people to open their eyes and realize that there is a large part of the school’s student body that do not take part in West Liberty’s athletics yet still want to workout and train.

I am not suggesting that the athletes’ weight room be available for longer hours, for the hours have been getting better. The Wellness Center is what the majority of students will see during their time here, and it does not qualify as a university weight room. It is not a good reflection of West Liberty. This school is blossoming more and more each year, but the Wellness Center is left to barely be tolerable. I feel that the rest of the student body would agree.


Jeffrey Holbrook–Concerned Hilltopper

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