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 Letter to the Editor: SGA issues & more

First of all I would like to say that The Trumpet is a very good student newspaper. I found the most recent issue to be a very interesting read. Keep up the good work!

I just wanted to comment on the story titled “SGA talks campus issues” on page four. I thought the article itself was good, but the thing that bothered me was the tone that the student government members were taking about a potential tuition increase. I realize in the grand scheme of things that $366.00 is not a crazy amount, but by the same token I think that increasing tuition when the economy is bad is a horrible idea.

I would rather forgo some of the “fun” stuff to have tuition not increase. Plus, I think that is will start out as just adding $366.00 and then they will just say oh let’s just add another $366.00. If that happens then you are already at $732 which is really not that far off from a $1000 increase.

Plus, if there is going to be an increase in tuition I would rather see the money go towards assisting students in these hard times. Personally, my dad has not worked for a year straight now and I am sure there are many other students with similar stories.

Reading through the comments made by the SGA members, they did not seem really concerned how much increased tuition could affect people and frankly they did not seem that convincing as to why they should get increased tuition.

I realize that this tuition increase has not gone into effect yet, but I am afraid that some kind of tuition increase will go through for things that will probably not really be that beneficial to the whole student body.

I also would like to thank Kelsey Ohler for her article about the “Rush for Rooms.” I think she did a great job with that article and hopefully it may lead to some change with housing signups. I couldn’t agree more that it should be done online! This kind of article shows what a school newspaper should be about which is a voice for the student body.

Trumpet staff, thanks for reading this e-mail and keep up the great work!

Dominick Pariano

**The views and opinions expressed DO NOT necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Trumpet or The Trumpet Online.

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