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 Letter to the Editor: An open letter to Cong. McKinley 

Representative David McKinley:

I’m guessing you’ve not seen video of a helmeted Gov. Michael Eukakis’ posing in a U.S. Army tank, shooting himself not in the proverbial foot, but closer to his head.

Visual imagery dominates comtemporary politics; so (unlike Bill Clinton) I admittedly inhaled your candy-assed, faux-internship ad on TV. I really expected you to ask “Which is the shovel and which is the axe?”

Comedy Central Emmy-winner Stephen Colbert appeared on “Meet the Press,” distinguishing between Jon Stewart’s satiric style as “deconstruction,” but calling his own more like “reconstruction.”

A chaper in my sixth book is called “Satirical Humor: Sanest Response to Foxymoron,” given today’s bifurcated polity. It’s published by Amazon’s Create Space: Michael J. Strada, “Foxymoron: Unholy Triptych: Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, FNC.”

The Tea Party enabled your 2010 election. This obstructionist hissy-fit (mostly over Obama-care) is headed for the same nadir awaiting the discredited Foxymoron unholy triptych. One of the oldest clichés works here: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Isn’t your money based on employing coal miners as a symmetrical sundial analogous to: 1.) Mitt Romney’s heartless corporate down-sizing mantra and 2.) the Koch brothers’ greasy ecological worst-practices verified by scientific experts?

My deceased West Liberty friend and colleague, John Finnegan, publically called your state legislative service exemplary several times. Why? Abortion represents the only issue wherein Republican “fundies” believe they monopolize the ethical high ground.

While commonsensical sufficiency “fundies” don’t impress me, science-based critical thinkers surely do. Without them, spread your cheeks and kiss goodbye to the Renaissance, Internet, and today’s medical miracles.

The U.S. Empire—most ubiquitous since Rome—was dubbed by Yale historian Anthony Kennedy as “Imperial Overstretch,” a natural economic governor killing hubristic Empires.

The Cold War’s demise should have unleashed a bountiful peace dividend. It didn’t because Republican demonic hyperbole switched colors: an Islamist Green Peril supplanting the old reliable Communist Red Peril. Why on God’s green earth do we continue to outspend all other 192 countries for a self-evidently offensive defense policy with no rival in sight?

Because it institutionalizes “Chicken-Hawk” Bushistic/Rominstic/Kochistic dynasties in perpetuity (the real U.S. welfare system since Bill Clinton and the Newt-meister’s 1994 shotgun wedding).

Ergo, the U.S. dwarfs the 33 OECD richest countries in income disparity, drummed home in my 487-page textbook: “Through the Global Lense: an Introduction to the Social Sciences.” The Occupy Movement’s “one percent“ slogan resonated globally for compelling reasons.

Please surprise me with a cogent response.


Michael J. Strada

Ph. D.  Meritorious Professor Emeritus

West Liberty University

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