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Letter to the Editor: Thank you President Greiner and Dr. McCullough

Upon graduating, you feel the need to thank those who have made your college experience that much better. I realized that those in leadership roles deserved recognition not just from me, but from all of us.

If you have been a member of the West Liberty community since last year, then you have been through our transitional stages of leadership. For a while, West Liberty had a lack of direction and it was clearly not the best time in our schools history.

However, thanks to two very committed men, the Hilltoppers have come out on top. Dr. John P. McCullough was West Liberty’s Interim President several times throughout his career at this university.

Though he has now retired, we owe so much to him for stepping up when no one else would. It is with tears in my eyes that I think about Dr. McCullough becoming our 35th President and knowing just how much that must mean to him and his family.

Dr. McCullough did not know everyone on campus and I didn’t know him well myself. That does not mean you cannot see the kindness and compassion that he so clearly had for his fellow Hilltoppers.

I would also like to thank our current President, Stephen Greiner. Through a grueling process of discovering a new president last year, President Greiner was chosen to be West Liberty’s 36th president.

President Greiner is heavily interested in university programs. You can find him involved with sororities, art exhibitions, and he is very modest about how he contributes to WLU.

This past summer, President Greiner competed in the Community Fitness Challenge in an effort to win $21,000 for West Liberty students. Greiner was going up against other leaders in the community for two months, working out at 6 a.m. and changed his whole diet just to help make West Liberty University better.

Though President Greiner did not win, he showed just how proud he is to be a Hilltopper. I have met President Greiner a handful of times and he has always been very warm and welcoming to myself and everyone around him.

From myself and every student, staff, and faculty member of West Liberty University, thank you Dr. McCullough and President Greiner. You have truly made it an honor to attend this university under your wing.

I am proud to be a Hilltopper for life.

— Jessica Broverman


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