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Letter to the Editor: SGA President addresses funding

To all organizations and organizational leaders,
To begin, let me start off by saying THANK YOU for the support, opinions, objections, and curiosity that you have put into Student Government so far this year. Nothing gives us more pride than supporting our clubs and organizations on campus, and assisting however we can in helping you all to grow and expand. That being said, we do realize that it is not easy leading a club, organization, or a fraternity/sorority, and do fully comprehend that it takes time, effort, commitment, and money to succeed in ways that helps to better our campus and community. Unfortunately, money plays a larger role than we sometimes wish to see, and can be an obstacle for any organization to overcome. That is where we come in, and that is where your Student Government wishes to support.
That being said, money is something that even our Student Government has limited access to, and we spend our money in the best manners possible (club funding, campus sponsored activities, Homecoming, Spring Fling, etc.). However, we try to deliver as much funding as possible towards our clubs and organizations and try to see the purpose in everything that is requested. Just to inform you of our funding approval process in case you are unaware, our executive board does not have any role whatsoever in voting for or against any funding from any club or organization. Therefore, WE STAY NEUTRAL AND ABSTAIN FROM GIVING OUR OPINIONS TO THE SENATE IN ANY FASHION, AND DO NOT HAVE ANY INFLUENCE IN WHAT IS AND IS NOT APPROVED BY OUR SENATE. The funding process may go through two different houses: the Finance Committee, and the Senate. Anything between $270.00- $499.00 goes through the Finance Committee, where appointed senators debate and approve anything requested by any organization by line item (each individual request). Senators may approve some things, and not other things, or they may choose to approval all things or nothing. Should an organization request anything over $500.00, the funding packet is then to be presented in front of the Senate by the stated organization, and debated and voted upon by the entirety of the senate in “executive session”, held once constituents are asked to leave the room. The senate may once again approve or disprove to distribute funding for some things, all things, or nothing. Please do keep in mind that the policy of funding that is distributed from the Student Government is that any approved money must benefit the entirety of the Student Body as a whole, and must be beneficial to all students. We do require proof of year-round fundraising, as any fundraising is considered when the Senate votes on funding. After all considerations, a vote is taken in which at least 2/3rds of the Senate must determine what is to be allotted to each organization.
This semester, our Finance Committee allotted $3,500.00 in total to be distributed to clubs and organizations. There are numerous reasons as to why our budget was so short this semester (after large funding requests from last semester, Homecoming costs, Spring Fling Costs, campus activity costs, and the NYC Bus Trip costs), but it is sufficient to say that a majority of organizations were not awarded their total requests, and some were cut back significantly. However, we awarded as much as we could to each organization, and were honest and objective when observing each funding packet. Please be aware that we understand the great intentions of each organization, and are very excited to see you all promoting and championing great causes; fighting the good fight. We wish for nothing more than to see your organizations and your causes succeed, and support you 110% of the way. If we had more money to help you succeed, and could fulfill all of your financial requests, make no mistake about it—we would. But, we only have what we have, and work with what we can. What I will say is this: our budget for the 2017-2018 Academic Year has been submitted, and we have requested that more money be put towards our external, Student Organizational Budget rather than put towards our internal budget.
Make no mistake about it: nothing is more important to us than your successes. We will be by you every step of the way, and will always have your back.
With the best intentions and with the utmost transparency,
Reid Boden, 
SGA President

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