Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Daniel Morgan’s message to readers

After a brief return following my semester absence, I have decided to resign from my role as editor of The Trumpet because of my health. It is a very difficult decision to make because of the many opportunities this student-run newspaper has given me over the past four years.
From the moment I became involved, The Trumpet staff welcomed me with open arms. I had never considered writing for a newspaper before, yet it has offered me one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences I’ve had throughout my college career. There’s nothing like seeing your byline for the first time.
I initially gave The Trumpet a shot to get better connected to my school. I have made countless connections and friendships as a result of it, and I’m very grateful for that opportunity. There’s a lot that goes into putting together a newspaper, and I’m very proud of the contributions I’ve been able to make since I started, be it as a writer or editor.
I’m even more proud, however, to be a part of the hardworking team that puts together a quality product every week as well as online content, and there are many people that contribute to The Trumpet’s success.
Our faculty adviser, Professor Tammie Beagle, ensures that everyone is at the top of their game and getting as much out of the experience as possible. I want to especially thank her for seeing potential in me and allowing me to grow as a leader. She would do anything for her students, and she always has our backs.
I also want to thank my fellow editors and writers that I’ve gotten to work with throughout the past few years. There are too many names to name, but it’s been a pleasure working with you and an even bigger pleasure calling you my friends.
Everyone at The Trumpet works so hard and diligently, and a lot of what we do is actually made possible by the campus community we serve.
We have a president that always takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to us when we ask for input on any number of issues. He and many administrators always give us the time of day, regardless if it’s based on news, praise or criticism. That means a lot, and it validates what we do.
There are also numerous sources on campus that notify us when potential stories arise, which come from faculty, staff and students. SGA and multiple student organizations also work closely with us, which has fostered many strong and trusted relationships. Not only is that a big help, but it once again validates the hard work and gives The Trumpet its lasting value.
When it comes down to it, we wouldn’t do what we do if there wasn’t an audience. And many people at West Liberty University support The Trumpet and respect the work that gets put into it. That alone makes it a rewarding experience for everyone involved. 
I encourage everyone to continue following The Trumpet and supporting its leaders and contributors. I also encourage students to get involved. There is no limitation or requirement for contributions, and all students are able to participate regardless of their majors or class rank. 
Thank you to everyone who reads The Trumpet week after week, and thanks to all of the support you show. I will always support this newspaper and the people who make it possible, and I hope to see nothing but success in its future.
-Daniel Morgan

Letter to the Editor: Slice of Life

I was so excited to open Slice of Life (SOL) in the fall of 2017.  For the first time in my 13 years here on the hilltop, a customer could actually purchase a single slice of pizza.  Both Pandini’s  and Pizza Hut only offered personal pizza’s.  Who doesn’t enjoy a single slice here and there?  Much to my dismay, it wasn’t embraced by all.  Sodexo does online surveys twice per academic year-once in the Fall semester and once in the Spring semester.  From those results, we received many of your concerns.  We truly care about our customers.  You spoke and we listened.  We took your concerns to the corporate level.  Over the winter break, corporate chefs and the planner for SOL came to the hilltop.  Along with my two supervisors, Jenny and Betty, which many of you know well, they spent three long days together.  They dug in deep.  They rewrote many recipes; they compared the recipes to the finished products;   they took all concerns into consideration as they went through each step.  Believe me my staff had serious concerns on many of the procedures and language of the recipes as well, thus affecting the finished product.  Many back of the house changes were implemented that I won’t bore you with but I wanted to highlight some of the changes I thought you’d be interested in:
*Balsamic Marinated Chicken Breast on the Chicken Caesar Salad;
*20 slices of Pepperoni added to the Toasted Italian Sub— giving it a whole new flavor;
*A new panning, cooking, and cutting procedure on the Cheese Sticks.  Bread Sticks were completely eliminated because the finished product was just not of a high enough standard;
*Taking the sauce and toppings all the way to the end of the crust on Sicilian pizzas so everyone gets their fair share;
*An array of “Guest Choice” sauces to top what you want how you want;
*Our Buffalo Pizza recipe is now the new recipe for all SOL restaurants; we created it here based on your tastes and preferences (how about that Hilltoppers!);
Now for the tough subject: the actual pizza sauce.  Our sauce is made from diced tomato with fresh herbs and garlic.  It is not of a “paste” consistency.  They did rework the recipe, but for now we are sticking with that sauce.  I do hope you will retry it.  Please keep an open mind to the fact that we want our pizza to be different than the pizza you get in the Marketplace or from Domino’s.  
Many changes were instituted NATIONALLY!  That’s making a difference.  The management team and our exceptional staff of employees take great pride in serving you.  We welcome constructive concerns.  I look forward to serving each and every one of you and hope that each dining experience is better than the last.
Rebecca Bowman
Sodexo Retail Manager

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