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January brought “Superstitions” to Nutting Gallery

By Dakota Knotts, Online Editor

Last month on Jan. 15, the Nutting Gallery had its first show of the semester “Superstations”, WLU Art Faculty Exhibition. The gallery showcased many wonderful works of art and offers variety from collage, painting, and sculptures to more unique pieces. 

Student from Florida invites visitors to home state

By Darien Mitchell, Contributing Writer

There are fifty states in the land of the free and every state has something to offer when visiting. Every state gives you the opportunity to educate visitors with historical events and even spend some time vacationing. There is one state that has more to offer: Florida. There are countless reasons why people should take a trip to Florida but there are four main reasons to do so. Theme parks, the history of the culture, great weather year round and the food.

WLU Sustainability Council tests out new system

By Macy Santicola, Editor

In 2017, China passed a policy banning the import of plastic waste. The ban began at the start of 2018, and its effect was felt all over the United States.

Capstone students to hold fundraiser for animal shelter

By Sammie Stewart, Contributing Writer 

Every spring, the students in Communications 481 volunteer for a nonprofit for their capstone project. This semester, the students in this class decided to work for the Jefferson County Humane Society. As a part of the project, the class will be setting up donation boxes around campus. WLU students and professors can donate anything from food for the animals to printer paper and colored construction paper.

Intramurals offer variety for spring semester

By Frederick Fitzsimmons, Contributing Writer

West Liberty University students often say, “There is nothing to do up here!” If you walk around campus you will see fliers posted in all buildings of activities happening in the future. One of those events are intramurals. The idea for intramural sports is that there is something for everyone, so get involved!

Stay safe: January is Stalking Awareness Month

By Corey Riner, Contributing Writer

As people begin to embrace the new year, there are most likely many thoughts running through their heads, such as resolutions that they have made or the general hope that this year will be better than the last, but others may have more frightening concerns to deal with.

MLK: Keep dreaming, but remember to act as well

By Gabrielle Blanchard. Assistant Editor
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is known for being one of the greatest orators in history, able to inspire passion and a call to action with his words and delivery. 

Ampersand returns, accepts student submissions

Emily Salvatori, Advertising Manager

Ampersand, a student-run and published literary journal, makes its return for the 2018-2019 year after a hiatus. Current students of any major can submit works to the Ampersand editorial board before Feb. 24 to be considered for publication. Works can include fiction and creative nonfiction, poetry, and artwork.

Library Book Club begins new chapter on campus

By Walker Polivka, Contributing Writer

Avid readers now have a new club on campus where they can share their passion for reading with each other. The Library Book Club plans to spread the love of reading throughout campus and promote the impacts that reading can have for the mind.

Photo Gallery: Winterfest 2018

Compiled By Dakota Knotts, Online Editor

Photo Credit: Lindsay Dowdle

The following photos are photos from Winterfest 2018. We hope everyone is had a wonderful holiday season and enjoy these photos. 

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