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Tips for safe winter driving

By Chad Richards, Contributing Writer

It’s probably a scene you’ve seen a hundred times before: you wake up in the morning, and the ground and road are covered in a blanket of snow.

Depending on how old you were, you had one of two reactions. When you were young, you saw it as a full day of playing in the snow with school probably cancelled. As a college student, you are probably less excited because you have to drive in it. This means waiting for the plows and the salt, or simply going out and hoping for the best.

New Year’s resolutions: the pros and cons of creating

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer

The year is nearly over! While some of us are thinking positively about the year and wishing it a warm-hearted farewell, others are just crawling through to 2017, still battered from the trials 2016 brought with it.

Either way, now is the time that many of us begin to embrace the ‘new year, new you’ cliché, and try to set goals to better ourselves and improve our lives. While some may find New Year’s resolutions inspiring and helpful, there are some that might be shooting themselves in the foot when they create resolutions. Here are some pros and cons to take into consideration when creating your New Year’s resolutions.

Inspiring “Born a Crime” is a must-read

By Natasha Muhametzyanova, Contributing Writer

During past few years you probably heard a lot about Trevor Noah. A comedian and TV persona, Noah performs his stand up comedy across U.S. and has been the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central since September 2015. This November Noah spoke to a new audience — nonfiction readers.

Last-minute crafting gifts for Christmas

By Megan Jones, Advertising Manager

With Christmas only a couple days away, one can assume the holiday shoppers who procrastinated are freaking out.

Have no fear! If you put off shopping for so long because of the price tags and everything is out of stock, or it’s too late to order online, here are four last minute crafting Christmas gifts that won’t make your bank account frown.

Top 10 holiday movies to enjoy

By Jessica Broverman, Contributing Writer

Movies play a very large part in having a great holiday experience. Next to food, gifts, and family time, Christmas movies get all of us in the mood for hot cocoa and buttered popcorn. Here are my favorite top ten Christmas movies to watch this December!

Preparation is key for power outages

By Daniel Morgan, Editor

The Ohio Valley just received its first big dose of winter weather to start out the season. Along with snow, sleet, and wind often comes power outages, and it is important to stay prepared.

Top 5 movies coming to cinemas over break

By Jalyn Bolyard, Online Editor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and while winter may bring snow and cold weather, but it also brings another round of blockbusters at the cinemas. This break will be no different; some of the upcoming movies have been looked forward to for almost a year now! However, there are also some movies that are sneaking into the cinemas that are definitely a must-see. 

During the break, if you’re looking forward to grabbing some movie-theater popcorn and relaxing for a few hours, here are my top-5 movies I suggest to go see. 

Remember: Keep your animals safe this winter

By Megan Jones, Advertising Manager

The first snowflakes and crisp winds of the winter season bring excitement to those getting in the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, these conditions can also be deadly to an important member of our family: our pets. Protecting our pets from the cold can be easy by simply following a few guidelines. 

Top 10 Netflix finds during winter break

By Josh Smith, Contributing Writer

The fall semester just recently came to an end, and I believe I speak for all West Liberty University students when I say, “Thank goodness!” It was a long, grueling semester, and this winter break is much needed. We get to see our families, celebrate the holidays, and most importantly: relax. But what do we do in our spare time? We have five weeks until the spring semester begins, and I know, personally, I don’t have things going on every day. So, I think I’ll spend a lot of time doing one of my favorite hobbies: watching Netflix.

Greek life organizations await revival on campus

By Morgan Goddard, Assistant Editor 

When it comes to opportunities to join organizations on campus, many students turn to West Liberty University’s Greek Life. With five sororities and four fraternities, there are many options if a student wishes to “Go Greek.” However, come spring 2017, there will be a new fraternity opportunity as Theta Xi Fraternity makes its way to campus. 
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