Phi Beta Lambda finds continued success in numbers

By Daniel Morgan, Editor

West Liberty University’s chapter of the Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) business fraternity is steadily increasing its impact on the state and national level. As a facet of the Gary E. West College of Business, WLU is in the national “Big Ten” chapters with 31 members and counting.

“It’s exciting and an honor to be a member of the Big Ten,” said Sarah Jones, West Liberty PBL President. “For West Liberty it gets our name out there, not just for West Liberty but for West Virginia too. We want to help put West Virginia back on the map for Phi Beta Lambda.”

Coming off of a successful showing at the National Leadership Conference in June, PBL members have since attended the state fall conference at Ohio Valley University in October. 

“Fall conference was an amazing experience for all of our members in attendance,” Jones said “We had an amazing lecture from Dr. John Lewis on his program called CoHero, which is a leadership program. We also had a statewide meeting where all the chapters that were present were able to work together to brainstorm how to become better as a whole and how to help make our individual chapters even better. I was able to network with other members in the state, and took away some valuable leadership skills.”

West Virginia PBL President and one of the founders of West Liberty’s chapter Hayden Blazer attended the National Fall Leadership Conference along with the rest of the State Executive Board. Among the awards that West Virginia brought home were first place in state chapter recruitments and first place in largest increase in state membership.

“Being a part of the Big Ten is an amazing feat,” Blazer said. “For West Liberty University it helps us with national recognition and the membership award.  It also makes the state of WV look a lot better.”

PBL’s end of the semester activities still include a guest speaker, volunteering at the Wheeling Soup Kitchen, and a 75th anniversary celebration, according to Jones.

“Looking forward this semester we still plan to grow our numbers and become a more social organization,” Blazer said. “We also will compete in the state conference in Charleston and the national conference in Anaheim, California. We hope to claim more national titles going into this year!”

For more information on PBL, contact Jones at [email protected]

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