Monthly Archives: September 2016

SGA sides with safety by hosting Homecoming in ASRC

By Maria Kimble, Contributing Writer

WLU is expecting big changes for homecoming this fall semester. After scheduling conflicts with the Wesbanco arena, SGA left it to the student body decide the location of the dance. 

68th Primetime Emmy Awards the best in many years

By Walker Polivka, Contributing Writer

The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards started off with a bang with a wonderful comedy bit by Jimmy Kimmel and friends. In the bit, Jimmy is going to be late for the Emmys and tries to find a ride. From singing carpool karaoke to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go with James Corden, learning how to run a clean campaign with Jeb Bush, or praying for a ride to the ‘god’ Oprah, he strives to make it to the Emmy Awards on time. He ends up hitching a ride to the Emmys on a dragon to make his hosting gig on time.

Highlands Center continues growth off the Hilltop

By Jessica Broverman, Contributing Writer

The West Liberty University Highlands Center has not only upgraded classes this semester; new programs and exterior additions have become a part of the college’s branch as well.

Students battle time, sleep deprivation in ’48 Hour Film Festival’ (Review)

By Ian Beabout, Online Editor

On Sunday, September 18th, West Liberty students and professors alike gathered at the Marquee Cinemas in the Highlands to see the results of this year’s Second Annual 48 Hour Film Festival. With the salty smell of popcorn in the air amidst aspiring creative minds, nearly every theater seat was filled for the event.

48 Hour Film Festival returns in Marquee Cinema

Chad Richards, Contributing Writer

Suppose someone asked you what you could do with 48 hours? Many different answers could come to mind: you could write a paper, do research for a class project, procrastinate on homework – or you could make a short film. The last option may seem out of place, but creating a film in a short time is the premise of the Second Annual West Liberty 48-Hour Film Festival, which is set to screen at Marquee Cinemas, Sunday, Sept. 18.

Festival of Colors celebrates ‘love and friendship’ in Moundsville

By Ian Beabout, Online Editor

On Saturday, September 17th, the Palace of Gold in Moundsville, WV celebrated the latest edition of its famous Festival of Colors, an annual event celebrating “love and friendship.” According to legend, the festival is a commemoration of when Lord Krishna threw colors on one another over 5 thousand years ago.

Toppers lose in home opener against Fairmont

By Cody Shook, Sports Editor

The football team lost in a heartbreaking game against Fairmont state last night. The game was all Hilltoppers as they jumped to a 20-3 lead.

‘Young Artists of Wheeling’ Group Hope to Strengthen Local Art Community

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer

The Wheeling area is full of aspiring artists, but some in Wheeling’s art world feel that there isn’t a real sense of community among them. A group known as ‘Young Artists of Wheeling’ is seeking to change that.

Jazzman’s offers flexibility with new ‘late-night swipe’

By Daniel Morgan, Editor

Over the past couple of years, West Liberty University students have voiced complaints about their meal plans. The students have been heard, and starting this year, students can use the new ‘late-night swipe’ at Jazzman’s Cafe and Bakery.

Student enrollment boosts this fall

By Meredith Garner, Contributing Writer

West Liberty University’s new student enrollment numbers have increased this fall. Transfer students have grown with an estimate of 20%, the freshman class is up by 8%, while the International Student Program has expanded by adding 11 more Hilltoppers to the campus community.

 “Overall enrollment is down 1.6%,” said Scott Cook, Vice President of Student Services. “We are slightly down from last year, but new student enrollment is up which is very positive.” Cook predicts WLU will “continue to add new students for graduate level programs.”