West Liberty SGA joins national organization

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer

The American Student Government Association (ASGA) has recently reached out to the Student Government Association here at West Liberty University. The ASGA aims to provide a means of communication between SGAs at various college campuses.

The ASGA mission statement reads, “The American Student Government Association will provide all Student Government leaders and advisors nationwide with networking, research, and information resources and will teach them how to become more effective, ethical, and influential leaders on their campuses.”

The ASGA was officially launched in March of 2004, with 105 members. Since then, the organization has grown to 1,440 members.The executive director of ASGA believes that West Liberty University can be a valuable addition to the organization.

“We received an email a few weeks ago from the executive director himself. He read an article from The Trumpet and said that it was very well written and he was impressed by what we had to say,” West Liberty SGA president Reid Boden said. “It’s not often that they reach out, but they reached out to us. He said we could strengthen ASGA.”

The national association will allow West Liberty to contact other college for the purpose of cooperation and offering assistance to other schools.

“It’s essentially networking with other schools around the country like West Liberty,” Boden explained. “Anyone in student government can see the other schools and communicate with different associations to help each other.”

Joining the ASGA is an exciting opportunity for West Liberty University’s student government.

“We put it to a senate vote and weighed the pros and cons, and we think it’s a good idea,” Boden said. “It was unanimously decided to join to get West Liberty’s name out here; everyone is excited about it.”

West Liberty SGA Vice President Dave Cullinan compares the ASGA to a retreat that the SGA attends in Jackson’s Mill, W.Va.

“The retreat is a wonderful time to get familiar with each other on your board, but it serves a role much bigger than that,” Cullinan said. “The SGAs that attend this retreat do not just learn from other SGAs, they also learn from people who make an impact on the issues that SGAs are faced with. When looking at the ASGA, one could see a huge similarity between the two.”

All of the members of the SGA are looking forward to working with ASGA in the future.

“Everyone in SGA is excited to be a part of something like this,” said West Liberty SGA secretary Chelsea Williams. “I believe that joining ASGA will be a great impact for West Liberty because of all the resources and opportunities it will give us to better our SGA.”

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