It’s time to ‘Fall’ into autumn

By Jessica Broverman, Contributing Writer

Summer is quickly ending and the crisp fall air is just around the corner. Each season has its own special feel and autumn tends to make us all feel comfy and warm, without the dreaded icy roads and freezing walks to class. Out of all the seasons, here is why I think fall is the best one of all.

There are so many creative and fun activities to experience during this season. You can take a walk through that pumpkin patch, make your own apple cider, and even make scary masks with your friends. My favorite craft for this season is definitely carving pumpkins.

If you aren’t feeling artsy or are trying to have more physical action during your fall exploration, haunted houses are the way to go. You can visit one of the haunted dorms on campus or you can go off of the Hilltop and visit some famous penitentiaries that are sure to terrify anyone. A very popular one is the Moundsville State Penitentiary. They even have an event call ‘Escape the Pen,’ during which, you are locked in a cell with other people and you have to figure out how to get out before you are executed.WLU fall2

The movies and shows are also an awesome way to enjoy this season. American Horror Story comes out this month for its sixth season and you can check out the promotional videos here. If you are in the mood for spooky movies, you can always find some online. Disney Halloween movies are also a favorite with millennials. From Halloween Town to Hocus Pocus, you are sure to get a few smiles and a few scares.

The food is something even someone who hates fall can get into. I mean, who doesn’t like pumpkin pie? No one. That’s who! Hot cocoa, peach cobbler, candy corn, pumpkin spiced everything, and the list just doesn’t stop.

The clothes are probably the best part hands down simply because you get to take advantage of it all day long. You can rock a comfy pair of shoes and a big sweater, or wear some shiny boots with a brand new scarf. All while sipping on a latte and hatching your spooky Halloween plans.

While you are having fun this fall season, don’t forget to take it all in. Sometimes we are rushing through so many things, we forget the small, but great parts. In between the moments when you are eating, laughing with your friends, and watching movies late on your laptop, remember to look around at all the changing colors and breathe in the fresh cool air. While you’re at it, jump into a pile of leaves before the snow comes. The frosty season will be here before we know it!

Photos by Jessica Broverman

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