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Students battle time, sleep deprivation in ’48 Hour Film Festival’ (Review)

By Ian Beabout, Online Editor

On Sunday, September 18th, West Liberty students and professors alike gathered at the Marquee Cinemas in the Highlands to see the results of this year’s Second Annual 48 Hour Film Festival. With the salty smell of popcorn in the air amidst aspiring creative minds, nearly every theater seat was filled for the event.

48 Hour Film Festival returns in Marquee Cinema

Chad Richards, Contributing Writer

Suppose someone asked you what you could do with 48 hours? Many different answers could come to mind: you could write a paper, do research for a class project, procrastinate on homework – or you could make a short film. The last option may seem out of place, but creating a film in a short time is the premise of the Second Annual West Liberty 48-Hour Film Festival, which is set to screen at Marquee Cinemas, Sunday, Sept. 18.