Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Perks of Working in a Recording Studio

By Ian Beabout, Online Editor

It’s not uncommon for me to easily spend 9-10 hours in the recording studio. I’m not sure if it’s the result of perfectionism to a fault, or simply an addiction, but when left to my own devices – the hours just evaporate in an instant.

When I tell people that part of my major involves music technology, I usually get a “huh?” No, I don’t spend my time making EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or robot-voice laden Daft Punk rip-offs; at least not all of my time that is.

Pastor Deb’s love for others fuels passion for EMS

By Maria Kimble, Contributing Writer

Everyone has a goal in life, whether it is to be a rich and famous or to someday have a family. A common goal that everyone has is to be a better person, and a good way to achieve that goal is to help others. West Liberty University’s Pastor Debra “Deb” Dague is the perfect example of someone who betters the lives of others.

Pastor Deb devotes her time on and off campus to help others. For one, she volunteers at the West Liberty Volunteer Fire Department (WLVFD). Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has been a passion of hers since 1985, and she became an EMT in 1987.  She became a campus minister at WLU in 2007, and took took some time off from EMS. However, she has decided to return to her passion.

Campus community racks up awards as academic year ends

By Daniel Morgan, Editor

As the 2016 spring semester comes to a close, West Liberty University students, along with some staff and faculty members, are collecting awards and scholarships as well as scoring achievements in numerous academic areas.

The Spring Honors Convocation was held on April 28 in Kelly Theatre, and numerous students received awards, which included some substantial monetary scholarships.

First group of Community Education students graduate from WLU

By Daniel Morgan, Advertising Manager

May 7th’s commencement ceremony will include the first group of graduating students from the Community Education program. The seven students are Ramsay Core, Michael Hensley, Christian Rice, Teracyn Rich, Morgan Wagner, Mary Ward, and Brady Lytton, who is doing an interdisciplinary study with focus on Community Education and Graphic Design.

Community Education officially became a major in the fall 2014 semester, though it had been in development since 2012 by Dean of the College of Education Dr. Keely Camden, Director of Community Education Dr. Miriam Roth-Douglas, and Director of the Center of Arts and Education Lou Karas. The program focuses on non-formal educational practices that are not limited to the traditional classroom setting, including emphasis on non-profit organizations, community outreach, and program and fundraising development.