Republican club joins West Liberty campus

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

The Republican club at WLU began this semester in an effort to have more people understand politics and get involved. The members of this club do not only focus on the political aspect of things, but they would also like to help others in the process. So far the club has contributed to Relay for Life, has donated to the Cough Drop Drive for American soldiers, and plan on continuing to give back to their community.

Though the Republican club has been up and running for only two months, members have since met Commissioner Bob Miller and Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz. They have also been involved in a statewide convention and are currently in the midst of planning an event that will bring several other university members to the West Liberty campus.

Club founder Dalton Haas said, “It was a rough start because I was running back and forth from Charleston to Morgantown to get this started.”

The students who are involved have a deep commitment to being politically informed.

“I really like to get involved with the political process. It’s your responsibility to vote whether you are republican or democrat. You should want to so that you can have a say in this and understand what is going on. There are a lot of uninformed voters out there so if you are involved with it then you will surely be informed,” said WLU freshman Zach Burns.

Republican club member Michaela Winfrey stated that students may come to meetings and voice their opinion on certain laws and beliefs and they will be discussed with respect. “The fact is that we’re not here to just to push the republican beliefs on people. We bring up politics and I feel like on college campuses no one even really wants to talk about politics because they don’t want to offend anyone or fight, but it’s not about fighting or who’s right. It’s just to bring it up and say ‘hey let’s talk about it,’” said Winfrey.

Newcomer Collin Blackwell said, “This is my first meeting and I like discussing topics and informing others and informing myself.”

If you too would like to be informed and would like to inform others, the republican club holds meetings every week. On Thursday, April 21, at 8 p.m. the republican club will be holding a meeting with special guest politician Scott Reid. To learn more, please visit the clubs Facebook page at West Liberty University College of Republicans.

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