Student collects cough drops for U.S. Marines

By Daniel Morgan, Advertising Manager

During basic training at the United States Marine Corps bases, many troops contract and spread strep throat, pneumonia, and sore throats. One student is trying to make a difference by holding a cough drop drive for the base at Parris Island boot camp in South Carolina.

Emilee Phillips will be holding the cough drop drive in the Student Union at West Liberty University from 12-1 p.m. from April 4-15, 2016. There will also be donation boxes in each residence hall on campus, in the housing office in Rogers Hall, and Shaw Hall. Donations of unopened bags of cough drops of any size, brand, and flavor as well as monetary donations will be accepted. There will also be bags of cough drops available in the union for one dollar, and one can select the bag he or she wants and place it in the donation box.

“Cough drops are like a luxury item to the men and women at the base,” Phillips said. “The only items that are approved to send to the Marine Corps bases are cough drops and protein powder, and there has to be enough for every member of a platoon to get one. Some platoons don’t get anything because families aren’t able to send that much.”

The base at Parris Island consists of four battalions, which each contain 4 platoons. Phillips is trying to get enough cough drops to provide for all 16 platoons, and there are approximately 70-80 men and women in a platoon. According to Phillips, sending 40 bags of cough drops will provide 15-17 individual drops to each member in a platoon.

“This can really impact the lives and well-being of the men and women in the Marine Corps, which arguably have the most intensive boot camps of the United States Military,” Phillips said. “It shows that we care. Anyone is welcome to write letters to the platoons as well, and those can be given to me or placed in one of the donation boxes.”

For more information regarding the cough drop drive, contact Phillips at [email protected].

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