WLU student is running for Wheeling City Council

By Daniel Morgan, Advertising Manager

West Liberty University business major Dalton Haas is currently running for a seat on Wheeling`s City Council representing the 6th Ward of Wheeling for the May 10, 2016 election.

As a resident of Wheeling, W. Va., Hass will be representing the Elm Grove area, where he lives now, if he is elected. He is currently a funeral assistant at Altmeyer Funeral Homes, a Wheeling Park High School hockey board member and assistant varsity coach, and the backup public address announcer for the Wheeling Nailers; he also works in the performing arts at St. Michael Parish School. At WLU, Haas is a general business major and is the president of the College Republicans Association and the Young Americans for Liberty.

Haas is running for the position for multiple reasons, one of which is to strengthen Wheeling’s appeal to the younger population.

“Too many of our area’s young-adults leave after college,” 20-year-old Haas said. “I know many people my age, and they say they want to move away because ‘there’s nothing to do or nothing for them here.’ I know what people my age want to see happen, and when we are the next generation of this country, we should be stepping up to take action. I’m trying to accomplish making this city a place where people want to stay, have jobs, and have families.”

Some might think that his young age reflects a lack of experience, but Haas has concluded that it is a benefit for his campaign.

“I think that my age is more of an asset, and the reason why is because I know exactly what people my age want to see, especially adults getting out of college. Not only young citizens, but older too! They want the younger generation to take the lead, and when you’re asked by all ages of citizens to run for council, you almost feel obligated to. My age shows that I am a young citizen of Wheeling who cares and wants to see our city succeed.”

Haas’ interest in politics first developed when he won a student council position in middle school. Now, the college student who plans to graduate in December 2017 is more than determined to reach that city council seat.

“I love the feeling of listening to others and hearing what they want to see happen, and then being their voice and putting their thoughts into action,” Haas said. “I want people, especially the citizens of our city, to know that if I’m elected, I will do my very best to make them proud for electing me. I have new and fresh ideas to help put our city in the right direction.”

The local elections will be held on May 10, 2016, which is also the primaries for state and presidential elections. For more information on his campaign, contact Haas contact Haas.

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