Craft fair seams its way onto campus

By Morgan Goddard, Contributing Writer

For endeavoring artists, artisans, or lovers of crafts, an event is coming that just might pique your interest. The Spring Craft Fair will be held on campus Wednesday, April 13, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The craft fair is held every semester by West Liberty University’s Professional Association for Design, AIGA, also known as Arts Clubs.

“Anyone can sign up to sell their art or crafts,” said club president Emily Jessee. “You can sign up by visiting the AIGA Facebook page. It costs ten dollars per table, which is to be brought the day of the fair, and more than one artist can share a table.”

A previous craft fair seller, Mimi Albon, talked about her experience at the fair.

“It was a nice environment where students show what they’re passionate about, and get praise, even money for their hard work,” Albon said. During her last craft fair, Albon sold prints of “ice-cream birds.” This semester, she will be selling more prints, and she might even be doing caricatures.

“I’m not too nervous about selling because I am pretty confident in my ice cream birds,” Albon said. “However, caricatures will be more pressure because I don’t have a lot of time. I would hate to disappoint my customer by messing up in front of them without having a chance to fix it later.”

To Albon though, this is not just about making art and trying to get a profit from it.

“You will gain techniques on presentation, marketing, bargaining, and find out what is popular so you can keep making them,” she said.

Jessee wants to get a lot of people involved. “A lot of work goes into planning an event like this. We work all semester on planning,” she said.

Jessee is very enthusiastic about the outcome of the Spring Craft Fair, and said, “I want this to be the best craft fair yet.”

Any needed information about the craft fair can be found by going to the craft fair Facebook page or by contacting Jessee here.

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