Daily Archives: March 8, 2016

West Liberty alumnus takes off overseas

By Nicole Henry, Distribution Manager

Chet Inhar, alumnus of West Liberty University is being deployed overseas to Guantanamo Bay. He is in the Army Reserves as a Military Police Officer and will be deployed anywhere from nine to 14 months. Inhar said that West Liberty has helped him to be able to take on the duty and challenge of going overseas.

“West Liberty has shaped me from being away from home,” said Inhar. “Although I am going to be gone from family and friends, I have my military family and friends to take care of me as I would with them.” He said that West Liberty has prepared him with great tools and education. “I feel the education from my professors in the criminal justice department has prepared me with the real world experience in and outside of the classroom,” said Inhar. “They have taught us so much and really care about what you’re going to do in life.”

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