Daily Archives: February 29, 2016

Oscars: Humiliation to Mankind

By Carlito Gilchrist, contributing writer

As human beings we were granted with the ability to create. From breaking out of the hard chains of nature, we were able to breed a new form of expressionist grandeur; art. Along the way, humans have had to look at themselves and come to terms with differences over the years.

From feminism, to civil rights, and recently gay marriage, humans have accomplished Demi-God level feats. Now, after the Great Depression, after WWII, and after 9/11, where humans have had to come together the most, we humiliate ourselves on one of the most respected nights in TV history.

Leap Day is it’s own holiday

By Kendrick Jackson, Contributing Writer

Feb. 29, also known as Leap Day, is a day that comes once every four years. Many people will treat Leap Day as a normal day, but there is a lot of history surrounding this date.

Julius Caesar, a powerful Roman dictator during the Roman Empire era, is responsible for Leap Day. Caesar added an extra day to keep the calendar system in line with the seasons. Leap Day officially came into effect in 45 B.C. If this wasn’t enough, Caesar also renamed Quintillis, the fifth month of the year, to what we know as July in today’s society.