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Oscars: Humiliation to Mankind

By Carlito Gilchrist, contributing writer

As human beings we were granted with the ability to create. From breaking out of the hard chains of nature, we were able to breed a new form of expressionist grandeur; art. Along the way, humans have had to look at themselves and come to terms with differences over the years.

From feminism, to civil rights, and recently gay marriage, humans have accomplished Demi-God level feats. Now, after the Great Depression, after WWII, and after 9/11, where humans have had to come together the most, we humiliate ourselves on one of the most respected nights in TV history.

Leap Day is it’s own holiday

By Kendrick Jackson, Contributing Writer

Feb. 29, also known as Leap Day, is a day that comes once every four years. Many people will treat Leap Day as a normal day, but there is a lot of history surrounding this date.

Julius Caesar, a powerful Roman dictator during the Roman Empire era, is responsible for Leap Day. Caesar added an extra day to keep the calendar system in line with the seasons. Leap Day officially came into effect in 45 B.C. If this wasn’t enough, Caesar also renamed Quintillis, the fifth month of the year, to what we know as July in today’s society.

Alumnus now part of the Summer 2016 Olympic Games

By Emily Unnone, Contributing Writer

Summer Olympic fans have one more thing to cheer about with the upcoming games in Rio de Janeiro. Alumnus Aaron Joel “A.J.” Monseau, M.D. was given the opportunity to be the team physician for USA Wrestling this month.

Dr. A.J. Monseau, is an emergency medicine and sports medicine physician and a West Liberty University graduate who will be receiving the opportunity of a lifetime. Wrestling has had a huge impact on his life far before the 2016 Summer Olympics. While at West Liberty, Monseau was a wrestler himself, like his father, the legendary Dr. Vince Monseau.

National Rare Disease Day is on February 29th

By Marissa Wetterau, Sports Editor

Rare Disease Day takes place on the last day of February every year. This year, it will take place on Feb. 29.

Any type of uncommon disease in the United States is usually defined as,  “Rare in the USA when it affects fewer than 200,000 Americans at any given time,” as stated on

SWiM Lab is open for wildlife research

By Daniel Morgan, Advertising Manager

Students and faculty of the West Liberty University Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics recently welcomed the addition of a new Sustainable Wildlife Management (SWiM) Lab on the first floor of Arnett Hall.

International festival showcases diversity among WLU students

By Jessica Broverman, editor

Hilltoppers from all walks of life attended the International Country Festival. This festival introduced students to a multitude of cultures through music, dancing, education, and food. In just two hours, I learned more than I had anticipated.

One of the first countries presented was China. The audience was taught different ways in which people in China say hello, which include Mandarin and Cantonese among many more. Other information provided to those present included a discussion about Beijing, the capital of China, a tutorial about how to make a Chinese dish, and a deep look into Chinese Operas.

Regional Science Fair to be held this Saturday

By Hannah Mason, Assistant Editor

The annual Regional Science and Engineering Fair will be held at West Liberty on Saturday, Feb. 27. Between 70 and 100 middle school and high school students, grades six through 12, from eight eligible counties in Ohio and West Virginia, are expected to display their science projects and compete for prizes. The event will be held in Campbell Hall of Health Sciences, with an awards ceremony in College Hall, according to the science fair’s webpage under the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

This year, the science fair is sponsored by Southwestern Energy, the third largest producer of natural gas in the continental United States. According to Dr. Zachary Loughman, Assistant Professor of Biology and Co-Director of the Regional Science and Engineering Fair, this sponsorship is providing the fair with the ability to grant monetary awards to the first, second, and third place winners this year.

And the winner is… AJ Holden!

By Daniel Morgan, Advertising Manager

AJ Holden was named 2016’s West Lib Idol at the final night of competition on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016.

The last round of West Lib Idol took place at 7 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom at West Liberty University, and the audience voted for the winner on West Lib Idol’s Twitter poll.

Other animals vs. humans … who is smarter?

By Marissa Wetterau, Sports Editor

It is constantly evident in nature that humans are more intelligent than animals. Depending on your meaning of the word ‘smarter,’ however, this is arguable.

Is intelligence measured in problem solving skills? Communication? Use of complex tools? It’s true that many animals are not nearly as good at problem solving as humans are. You don’t see animals building cities, or flying to the moon, or solving calculus.

Resident Assistant application process begins

By Morgan Goddard, Contributing Writer

Students looking for leadership opportunities on campus need to look no further then to the upcoming Resident Assistant application. Hall director and Area Coordinator, Chris McPherson talks some on how students can prepare for the process.

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