Daily Archives: October 31, 2015

International Drum Month is for the Garage

By Jewlina Matthews, Contributing Writer

October is currently International Drum Month, which is is a marketing technique used by the Percussion Marketing Council. The marketing council primarily appeals to garage band drummers and drum set drummers and also holds contests for drummers to be concert roadies. International Drum Month is also being moved to May to appeal to more drummers during summer concert months.

Professor Brian Baldauff, athletic bands director and percussion instructor at West Liberty, says of the marketing technique, “The drum and percussion industry is ultimately out to make profit to keep their business alive and growing. This example is not uncommon among all for-profit businesses. Fortunately, most percussion suppliers will offer discounts for schools, regardless of the month.”

Hughes Lectures are Enriching Experiences

By Gabriella Pozell, Staff Writer

On Oct. 21, I had the pleasure to attend the most recent Hughes Lecture by Doug Van Gundy.

Don’t let the word “lecture” fool you though, this wasn’t a dry or boring experience to say the least. From the moment Gundy arrived wearing his Ray-Ban glasses, Converse sneakers, and fiddle in hand, he had my attention. He was personable and fun, and joked with the audience throughout.