FCA’s “The Truth” – Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!

By Meagan Ford, Contributing Writer

What do a large knot, rocks, paper, and scissors have in common? FCA! This week’s meeting kicked off with two games—group rock-paper-scissors and the human knot. Naturally competitive personalities shone through in this spiritual environment. It was a great way to bring everyone together for some fun and games, and to get them excited about this week’s message.

This week, the focus was on the book of Job. It talks about how Job was tested by Satan, who pushed loss and suffering to throw Job off of his commitment to God. Job faced illness, the loss of his children and all his possessions, and the turning of his wife against him. Despite all the troubles, Job still turned to God and put his faith in the one true Lord.

Through Job’s faith, we can learn that despite the hardest of circumstances God is still in control and deserves our love. It’s important to tune out the negativity that might tempt us to stray away from our beliefs. It would have been really easy for Job to place his anger on God and to blame Him for everything that was going wrong. Instead, Job placed his trust in God’s plan. In the end, Job was returned all his possessions two-fold.

After the message, groups split off and began a circle of prayer. These circles provided a comfortable environment for all who felt willing to share prayer requests asking God for His assistance in anything that seemed too big to handle. One of the great things about God is that no prayer request is taken lightly. He cares for each and every one of our concerns.

We can all learn from the example of Job. It’s easy to blame God for all the bad things that happen to seemingly good people. However, it’s important to understand that God does not want bad things to happen to good people. The trick is that God gave humans free will to make their own decisions. Therefore, humans make mistakes and are imperfect, and these mistakes can negatively impact others. The only way to protect ourselves from the sins of others is to give our lives over to Christ.

Finally, this week FCA would like to lift up and give a big shout out to Myron and Emily who got married this past weekend. May God bless you in many years of marriage.

Remember that if you would like to join us, FCA meets every Tuesday at 8pm in the Boyle Room. All are welcome.

The Truth is a weekly posting about FCA’s weekly meetings. It’s purpose is to bring FCA to a larger audience and inspire everyone to grow closer to God. It includes a bit about each week’s lesson, a description on the meeting’s atmosphere and excitements, and a motivational message that speaks to each individual differently.

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