Daily Archives: October 6, 2015

FCA Welcomes You!

By Meagan Ford, Contributing Writer

Welcome to FCA – Fellowship of Christian Athletes! As the name suggests, FCA is an organization whose members are mainly athletes, but all are welcome! Whether you are an athlete or not, one thing everyone in this organization has in common is that they have a passion for the Lord and an interest in learning the lessons of the Bible.

WLU Bands: Inside Edition

By Jewlina Matthews, Contributing Writer

As the 2015 fall semester begins, the WLU bands are adapting due to new and exciting changes. In the Summer of 2014, Dr. Matthew Inkster, director of instrumental activities and trumpet instructor had the opportunity to conduct the Berlin Philharmonic and recently, he accepted the visiting professor position at Ithaca College. Inkster continues to conduct the Wheeling Symphony Youth Orchestra on Sundays, while Professor Patrick Garrett has assumed his other duties at West Liberty University.

Professor Garrett is the acting director of bands at West Liberty University and has taken on a full load this semester. Garrett expressed his happiness that his colleagues believe he has the ability to act as director of bands this year. In addition to being the music education specialist and trombone specialist; Professor Garrett has a hand in budgeting for the wind ensemble, scheduling, inventory, library, programming, recruiting, and conducting the Wind Ensemble.